Build high speed, high efficiency HTTP applications all within .NET.
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Here at Ultz, we've made a number of HTTP applications. Server admin panels, CRMs, and even some DevOps tools. But one thing we realised during development is that the HTTP libraries already around in the .NET space suck.

These libraries would be slow, lacking flexibility, or just a general pest to work with. So we started SimpleServer. SimpleServer offered vast amounts of flexibility, extensibility, and was a breeze to get running. But the HTTP engine behind it just wasn't up to today's standards. While a powerful library, it was just too slow.

So we started Project Spirit, a performance-centric rewrite of SimpleServer. And here we are today, having Spirit in pre-release carrying the title of the high-speed, high-efficiency HTTP library.


✔️ Full HTTP/1.1 Support
✔️ HTTPS Support
✔️ Extensible Architecture
✔️ Open-Source


Spirit is absolutely free and licensed under the MIT license! Do what you want with it as long as you retain our copyright license.


Download From NuGet View Source on GitHub