Volte, and its future

Evan Husted

Hey! Greem from Ultz here. You're probably not used to seeing me post on this blog, as it's mostly done by Ultz' higher-ups. I figured I'd write this post for everyone to see today to explain what's going on with Volte V4, and Volte's future.


Currently, I'm working on a Volte rewrite from C# into Kotlin. The source code is publicly available too, on my GitLab. Kolte, the rewrite's "code name" (it was either this or Volte V4 2: Electric Boogaloo and the latter one is too long), will not be staying on GitLab! It will be moving back to Volte's repo under the Ultz organization once the rewrite is complete. I am pushing to GitLab currently because I want the code to be public; but not too public. I want it to be findable if you're looking for it, but not shoved-in-your-face public.

Old Code

All of Volte's old code, going as far back as V2, will stay on the repo. The Kotlin rewrite will be under "v4-kotlin" once it's complete; and the repo will have its main branch set to that.

Considering the entire bot is getting an overhaul, not only in terms of usability, but also in terms of longevity. For example, Kolte uses H2, an SQL flat DB file, instead of LiteDB, the NoSQL library that C# Volte uses. SQL has come with its fair share of hurdles but I've made it over them, and I'm really learning SQL now. It's great!


I think it's worth mentioning that Kolte will have ALL of Volte's current features, minus a few commands that I can't implement properly (a PR to add them would be welcome). An example of commands that won't make it is the Spotify command, because Discord.Net had a Spotify model, but JDA does not, and reading Rich Presence is mind-boggling (to me, anyways.)

That's all the news I have for now. I can't wait to share Kolte with you all!