Volte, and its Actual Future This Time.

Evan Husted

I am indecisive. That much should be obvious. First it was Volte V4 in C#, and then V4 in Kotlin. Except now I'm scrapping both, and going to rewrite V4 in C# again. (Yes, really. I went C# -> C# -> Kotlin -> C#. I am baffled too.)

As this blog post is released, I'm going to be making a repo under my GitHub user GreemDev named VolteArchive or something similar, with the original C# V4 and the Kotlin V4 branches. This repo will likely not be touched after this. I would like to have this code available for posterity as I am personally fond of some parts of it, namely Kotlin V4's custom SQL generation library, adapted from EasySQL and rewritten into Kotlin by me.

As much as I personally love Kotlin and its syntax, the libraries simply do not match those on the .NET ecosystem. A lot of Volte's functionality as it is would have to be redesigned and reimagined entirely, and I didn't feel that was necessary.

There is no ETA for the real V4 at this time. I'm not even sure when I am going to start it. V3 is very stable and recently had its entire help system and group commands reworked. And yes, while V3 works very well, it has its issues, namely that its code is everywhere under multiple namespaces for basic tasks, and it is on Discord.Net which I would like to change.

Thanks for reading; and bearing with me during this ridiculous affair. I appreciate it.