Beagle Framework

Never touch SQL again.
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Here at Ultz, one thing we noticed when developing applications that store data in relational databases, is how particular you have to be about your SQL syntax to ensure that your code runs on all SQL servers. And even then, the SQL query still wouldn't work on a server platform.

So we started Beagle Framework. There were alternatives out there that could've done what we needed, but these libraries are full of bloat when we just want a simple SQL-less SQL interface. So we made one.

And here we are today, Beagle Framework has been proven to work and we're working to make Beagle Framework even better. You'll never need to even touch SQL again.


✔️ SQL Server Support
✔️ Syntax Abstraction
✔️ Extensible Architecture
✔️ Open-Source


Beagle Framework is absolutely free and licensed under the MIT license! Do what you want with it as long as you retain our copyright license.


Download From NuGet View Source on GitHub